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Prekinder (2-3 years old)

American School Programs

Prekinder (2-3 years old)

Preparation for admission to preschool is perfect! We also do temporary custody!

In an environment where teachers and assistants communicate in English, first absorb English from your ears. I live in an English shower, so the speed of improvement is different. Careful checks by qualified nursery teachers are conducted on the aspects of life and health.
You can participate once a week. We provide a full range of content in both English and childcare.

Preschool (English kindergarten)

The first graduate is now in the first year of junior high school (as of 2021). Sky High, which started from 1 by hand, has now created a solid "mold" and has earned the tremendous trust of parents. At the graduation ceremony, instead of "I spent three years in English somehow", "Thanks to spending three years at Sky High, I can speak English! We are waiting for her child to enter the park with the best program that will give you the best results!


The beginning of the day is the morning circle. At the same time as it is an opportunity to spend the day in English, the teacher carefully observes whether the child looks unusual.


Please think that the ratio of studying is a little higher than that of other schools. We will study using the textbooks that are actually used in kindergartens and schools in the US.


We grow plants, discuss the causes of fights thoroughly, and always give the utmost consideration to mental growth.


All excursions use public transportation. We will acquire sociality while having fun.


Last year, I went to the Okazaki City Fire Department for a social studies tour. Everyone was very excited about the fire engine in front of me.


Except for rainy days, I exercise my body once a day in the park. We are always thinking about the balanced growth of mind and body.

Every week is a fresh experience, such as music, crafts, and experiments that change daily.


Saturday classes (5H / 6H (hours))

Saturday classes are 5 hours a day, Sunday classes are 6 hours a day, all in English starting with "Good morning!" And ending with "See you!". Playing, studying, fighting, and reconciliation are all spent in English, so the way you learn is different! Saturday classes are divided according to English level, so try to find the perfect class for your child!


9:30 - 10:00

Warming up for the day at the Morning Circle.

We consider English to be the most important thing to learn in daily life and play, but we also follow reading and writing using textbooks.

In principle, No Japanese! Is prohibited to encourage thinking in English. However, if there is a possibility of danger such as pool activities, Japanese will be used.

It is a little difficult for parents to know their child's English level. SkyHigh recommends taking an Eiken exam as a guide to your child's efforts.

If you start at the age of 4 (no English conversation experience, no experience of living abroad), differences are depending on the individual, but according to the results so far, Eiken 5th grade (equivalent to 1st year of junior high school) at about 7 years old, 4th grade at 9 years old (Equivalent to the second year of junior high school), you can expect to pass the third grade (equivalent to the third year of junior high school) at the age of 12.

Classes are not left to foreign teachers only but are regularly checked for quality by the Japanese manager, problems are identified at post-class meetings, and improvement measures are considered.

No matter how high quality the lessons are, if you can't enjoy going to school, it's meaningless. Sometimes I derail my usual lessons to create an exciting atmosphere!

If you are absent from Saturday class, you can transfer to Sunday class. If you miss the Sunday class, you can transfer to a special school held in spring, summer, and winter. (There are some conditions)

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