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Sky High started in April 2000 with a visit-style English conversation instruction based in Okazaki City. We opened each house one by one with a file, gave a trial lesson at home, and acquired students one by one. In response to the needs of students who grow over the years, we have also incorporated learning guidance to create the prototype of the current Sky High.

After that, after going through six apartment classrooms, the base was moved to the current Minami Koen Main School (only the first floor) in 2007, and since 2011, at 4 bases in 3 school buildings, English childcare, English conversation, and school subject guidance We provide guidance in 3 departments.

It is used by 400 to 600 students every year, including English conversation students from 1 year old to junior high and high school students and adults, and private school students from kindergarten to high school students. And so far, we have already produced many children who have been to Sky High for more than 10 years and have gone out into society.

With the pandemic caused by the coronavirus in April 2020, a new era has begun. At Sky High, we have started a new attempt that suits the times, looking to the future. Going forward, we will continue to evolve so that we can continue to provide education that broadens the horizons of individual children and gives them options to expand their fields of activity in the future.

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